Easy Way To Reduce Excel File Size Up To 20MB

Excel file size normally do not take to much space on our storage, usually the size is only some hundred of kilobytes or probably couple of megabytes. 

But in some cases the file size could be very enormous, in my experience it can be more than 20 MB, even though there is no any picture, diagram, chart, etc. in the file.

This enormous size make the file takes very long time to open, make the excel run very slow and quite hard to share by email.

Don't worry I already figured out why this happened and how to fix it, lets check together.

Why The Excel Size Very Big?

This file size problem probably caused by our bad habit in formatting excel. For example below, we wanted to fill color some cells but, we do block entire column. This action of course will add the excel file size since excel will record every cell formatting.

Opening and editing excel with different version of excel or other application also possibly causing this excel file size problem. But, don't worry, in this article you will find Easy Way To Reduce Excel File Size without installing any additional software.

How To Reduce Excel File Size

  1. Open the file with excel, but if the excel crash & failed to open the file you can try other application like WPS Office.
  2. After file opened successfully, Click the first cell of your data, for example here is A3.
  3. On keyboard press CTRL + A, make sure only block cell which contain your data. 
  4. Copy your data by pressing CTRL + C.
  5. Open new blank workbook, and paste your data here by pressing CTRL + V on your keyboard.
  6. Save your excel document.

As you can see the file size reduced significantly from 21 MB to only 2 MB.

Excel File Size Still Too big?

If your excel file size still too big, you can repeat above steps, but on step number 5 instead of directly paste the data please choose Paste As Values (Paste Special > Values).You can Also try to follow related tutorial Easy Way To Compress Docs On Mobile & PC Free Automatic.


Excel file size usually not too big, but if we do wrong formatting behavior the file size can be grow up to 10x. If you follow all above steps the excel file size should be go back to normal.

If you have same experience or other way to compress the excel file size, feel free to share on comment section below.

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