How To Make Your Slow Windows PC Faster Than Ever

It's seems very common if we found windows pc  running slow overtime. For example takes centuries on start up and shut down, takes forever to open apps and often crash when you able to open it.

Many of you probably think if your windows pc slows down by virus, but actually that's not always the case since windows security quite good recently without installing additional antivirus software.

Why My PC Very Slow?

As I mention before now days slow pc mainly not caused by virus. You can check on task manager, if the usage of your hard disk& RAM is 100% I am sure  it caused by high workload on hard disk and RAM.

Even though you have fast CPU but your hard disk and RAM on the limit, your pc will not have enough resources to run smoothly.

So, what should we do to reduce our hard disk and RAM workload? Here the tips for you.

How To Make Your Slow PC Faster Than Ever

Update Your Windows

Slow PC can be caused by windows update process, the update actually good for your pc because it will be fix some bugs on previous version. But the process probably will slow your pc little bit because it download quite big data and install the update in the background while you use the pc.

Usually the windows update process is automatic, you can check the update progress by click start > settings > choose update & security.

If there is update the detail will be shown as below.

It is recommended to wait the process finished because it will make the update finished faster.

Uninstall Unused Apps

Many apps on pc besides reducing the hard disk storage also consuming your RAM usage, because many apps default settings is starting automatically when the windows booting up.

By uninstalling unused apps from your pc it will help to give more space on your hard disk and RAM.

To do it just go to settings > apps > apps & features > click apps you want to uninstall > click uninstall.

Delete Junk File

Windows actually always generate junk files, which if you don't clean it manually it will be consume a lot of space on your hard disk. Below is the way how to clean your hard disk from junk files.

Recycle Bin

Recycle bin is temporary place to save your deleted files, to clean your recycle bin you can open recycle bin (trash bin icon on your desktop) > choose empty recycle bin.

Temp files

Temp files generated automatically by windows when you opening apps, pictures, webpage, updating windows, etc. To delete this temp files please follow below steps:

  • On keyboard press windows key + R, then type temp and click Ok.

  • Select all temp files by pressing Ctrl + A 
  • Then press delete, wait until the process finished.
  • Again on keyboard press windows key + R, but now type %temp% and click Ok.

  • Select all temp files by pressing Ctrl + A 
  • Then press delete, wait until the process finished.

After cleaning you will find your drive will have a lot more space especially the drive you install the windows (normally drive C)

Disable Unnecessary Auto Startup Apps

Some apps default setting is automatically start when windows boot up, if there is many apps starting together it will significantly increase your windows booting up time. To disable unused auto startup apps you can follow steps below:

  • On keyboard press Ctrl + Alt + Del
  • Choose task manager
  • Click on startup tabs
  • Click status column to sort the apps status
  • Right click on unnecessary apps, choose disable.

Defragment Your hard disk

Your files on hard disk will fragmented over time, which will slows your pc to read data on your hard disk. To fix this problem you should defragment your hard disk.

Actually defragmentation on windows already set automatically once a week by default. But if you accidentally turn it off you can check and do defragmentation by following steps below.

  • Click start (windows logo on bottom left).
  • Type defrag.

  • Choose drive you want to defragment.
  • Click analyze and you will find the defragmentation percentage.

  • After that click optimize to start defragmentation process.

My PC Still Running Slow?

If yo follow above steps but you feel your pc still slow, you can try below steps.

Disable Unused Services

  • On keyboard press windows key + R, and type services.msc

  • Disable any services you don't need, by double clicking on it, then choose properties.

  • On startup type choose disabled.

  • Then press apply.

Below is list of windows services which safe to disable:

  • Fax Services
  • Phone Services
  • Bluetooth
  • Windows Search
  • Windows Error Reporting
  • Windows Insider Service
  • Remote Desktop
  • Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service
  • Remote Registry
  • Disable Windows Services With Care

If you want to turn reactivate above windows service, just change the startup type to automatic.

Add SSD as Your Storage

Switching to SSD will definitely speed up your pc speed. Your booting up speed will be decreased significantly, and loading speed on opening apps also decreased, because write & read speed of SSD is much faster than hard disk.

You don't need to remove your hard disk, because pc normally has multiple slot for storage. You can use your SSD as windows and apps installation destination, and use your hard disk as media storage.

If you want migrating from hard disk to SSD without loosing data & reinstalling windows, you can check the steps here: Migrating Your Windows from Hard Disk to SSD Without Losing Data


Windows pc is slowing down overtime because of high workload on hard disk and RAM. You can do optimization by removing unused apps and services. To get optimum results it is recommended to add SSD as your windows and apps installation destination.

If you have any other steps which will help to speed up pc feel free to share on comment section below, thanks for visiting.

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