Migrating Your Windows from Hard Disk to SSD Without Losing Data

Upgrading storage from hard disk  to SSD is a great move to speed up your old pc, because it will greatly decrease your windows booting time, also significantly decrease your apps loading time. 

This advantages could be achieved because SSD has faster read and write speed. Compared with hard disk SSD has up to 10x read speed and up to 20x write speed.

Why SSD Faster than Hard disk?

SSD faster than hard disk because hard disk has physical moving parts in the form of a spinning disks inside where data is stored magnetically. On the other hand  SSD use solid stated device, all of the data stored in integrated circuit. This make shorter response time when you do any instruction.

The interface between Hard disk and SSD also different. Hard disk use SATA interface while SSD use PCIe interface. SATA is older and slower technology compared with PCIe, because PCIe has more channel to transfer data.

Why Don't Change All Hardisk to SSD?

Although SSD has  more benefit in terms of speed, but the price is more expensive compared to Hard disk. This will make us think twice to change our main storage to SSD.

To overcome this problem we can combine hard disk with SSD in our pc, we can buy low storage SSD capacity for example 120GB only to install windows & apps, while all the data like photo, music, video, docs, etc. stored on hard disk.

How to Migrate Windows from Hardisk to SSD Without Losing Data?

  • Format your SSD, by opening file explorer > right click on your SSD > Format.
  • Download Diskgenius, you can download here.
  • Open Diskgenius > Tools > System Migration. 
  • Choose your SSD as the destination, for example here Local Disk (H:), Click OK. 
  • There will be confirmation windows as below, just let it as it is then click start. (warning: all data on SSD will be erased). 
  • Choose Hot Migration. 
  • Wait until the process done, your pc will automatically reboot automatically from your SSD.

How To Check Whether Your PC Boot From SSD?

You can check whether your pc booting from SSD or not by entering Task Manager.
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del on your Keyboard.
  • Choose Task Manager.
  • Click Performance tab, check "C" drive. If it is on SSD your boot already correct.

Your PC Not Boot From SSD?

If your pc no boot from SSD you can change it manually by following steps below:
  • Restart your PC
  • Press F2 Multiple time to enter boot menu (if F2 not working you can try "Del" or "F10")
  • Choose "Boot" Tab
  • On "Hard Drive Order" make the SSD to the most top.
  • Press F10.
  • Your pc will restart and booting up from SSD.


SSD will improve your pc responsiveness significantly due to faster read & write speed. You can combine SSD with hard disk to save cost, and you migrate your windows OS to SSD from hard disk without loosing and reinstalling windows y following above steps.
If you have experience migrating your OS from hard disk to SSD feel free to share on comment section below, thanks for visiting. 

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